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Life after uni

Global mentoring at your fingertips: how our graduates are using Alumni Connect


The moment you graduate from UNSW, you become a member of our incredible and diverse alumni community. Graduates of UNSW go on to live and work all over the globe—expanding their knowledge, acquiring unique experiences and building new networks.

Our UNSW Alumni Connect program was designed to help our 300,000+ global alumni stay connected, share knowledge, build networks and enhance professional development. 

The program features an online peer-to-peer mentoring platform which allows UNSW graduates to become a mentor, mentee, or both. Our platform recommends compatible mentees/mentors based on career interests, field of work and location, giving alumni the final choice on who they’d like to connect with. Once connected, we leave them to manage their own relationships depending on their individual goals.

Whether you’re after a one-off conversation or ongoing connections, our flexible platform allows busy professionals to participate in the format and timeframe that suits them. Here is what some of our mentee and mentors have to say about Alumni Connect.  


Cultivate lasting relationships and share real-life experiences

Arina (BFA `14) | London, UK | Mentor 

“I was looking to expand my professional network and help people during the COVID-19 lockdown. The pandemic freed up a lot of my time, so I wanted to use it to connect with like-minded people to establish a strong and lasting relationship that would benefit both parties.

“So far, I have connected with one individual who I have a lot in common with and we found our interaction rewarding. In our first meeting, we drafted a roadmap for achieving my mentee’s professional ambitions. I was in a similar position to her six years ago, so I could provide her with relevant information that was not just theoretical, but what I had learnt from experience.

“Life gets very busy and chaotic after graduating from the university, and I find it extremely useful to step back into the past experiences and present them to someone in an intelligible form. Alumni Connect helped me to reflect in a structured way on the five years of my life after graduation.  

“What I found unique about Alumni Connect is the dedication of alumni coordinators, who have been communicating with me via email and providing me with necessary information about how the platform works and how to make sure it meets my expectations. The mentoring section of UNSW website is easy to use and contains numerous functions.”


Practical help through an accommodating program

Lavanya (BCom `18) | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Mentee 

“I signed up to UNSW Alumni Connect when I was feeling uncertain about my next career move. The mentor that was assigned to me was a leader in his field and really helped with my career aspirations. 

“He also helped me identify career challenges and gave me pointers on how I could further standout in my workplace. 

“As an international graduate, I found the program really convenient. At first, signing up seemed like a big commitment, but the structure of the program is very accommodating. My mentor and I just scheduled sessions in our free time.”


Choose a mentor based on your own needs

Ivy (BMedia `19)| Sydney, Australia | Mentee 

“I signed up to Alumni Connect just as I was starting out in my career so I could receive some guidance from people outside my workplace. 

“I connected with an alumna who shared her career experiences and the steps she took to get where she is today. Connecting with a mentor meant I had to write down my own experiences to date. I found this process alone to be helpful because it gave me more clarity about what I wanted to achieve.  

“I liked that I could choose my own mentor from the University’s selection. That way, I was able to find one with a history that was best suited to where I wanted my to go in my own career. 

“All it takes is one connection to make a difference in someone's life. Whether you're a mentee or mentor, there's always something to learn from a new person.” 

Inspire the next generation of leaders, expand your network and skills, and reach your full potential; whatever your goal, Alumni Connect will help you make a difference today.