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Sydney | The Generation Gulf


Gen Z, the generation born after 1995, has grown up with smartphones and social media. They are a startling mix of certainty and pessimism.

Based on U.S. research, this generation is certain in their beliefs about questions of gender identity and the need to restrict certain forms of speech. Different patterns of belief are only part of the breakneck cultural change that means growing up today is a completely different experience from growing up in the 1950s, or the 1980s, or even the 2000s.

Psychologist and author of Generations and iGen Jean Twenge, researcher and geriatrician expert on ABC’s Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds and Teenagers Stephanie Ward, and co-founder of youth media platform The Daily Aus Sam Koslowski will discuss what is driving these changes and where could the widening generation gap take us as a society?

This session is presented by the UNSW Sydney and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.