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#UNSWFromHome - What is Ecocentrism and can it save us?


Can Ecocentrism be a guiding force for good in today’s society?

Ecocentrism finds inherent value in all of nature, shifting our focus, and our values, from man to planet earth – a way of viewing the world that is both ancient and resurgent.  As we struggle with the environmental crisis, political discord, and the worldwide pandemic our panel will assess whether Ecocentrism is the answer in society’s search for harmonic, sustainable, and regenerative solutions to today’s most pressing global issues.

Hosted by Professor Claire Annesley Dean of UNSW’s new Faculty of Arts, Architecture and Design (proposed title) the third of our #UNSWFromHome conversations is titled What is Ecocentrism and can it save us?

Join UNSW academic Associate Professor Tema MilsteinAssociate Architect Craig Kerslake (BA '95, B. Arch '06) and Creative Director Mark McClelland (Grad Cert '13) for a conversation about the interdependence of all life and what that means for your future.


Associate Professor Tema Milstein

Tema Milstein is an associate professor of Environment & Society at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and convenor of the Master of Environmental Management program. Her work tends to ways culture, society, and communication inform - and are informed by - environmental relations. In her research and teaching, she examines issues that are deeply important to how we exist in the world today and into the future, with a particular focus on the different cultural meaning systems that shape our ecological understandings, identities, and actions, and on the ways we create a destructive status quo or bring about restorative transformation. She is a former Fulbright Scholar and her research interests span the globe, examining ecocultural meaning systems, ecotourism and endangered wildlife, environmental activism, and ecoculture jamming. Her recent edited books are the Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity (2020) and Environmental Communication Pedagogy and Practice (2017). She has taught at universities in Australia, Italy, China, New Zealand, and the United States. Her first career, before becoming an academic, was as a print journalist. 


Associate Architect Craig Kerslake (BA '95, B. Arch '06)

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Creative Director Mark McClelland (Grad Cert '13)

As co-founder and creative director of Cultural Capital, Mark provides cultural placemaking advice to government and the development industry.  He brings his experience as cultural strategist, curator in the public realm, artist and designer. 

 With twenty-five years’ experience in the design, arts and cultural sectors, Mark has become an authoritative voice in the emerging field of cultural placemaking. His work connects art and infrastructure, people and place; creating meaning within the urban landscape. 

Mark’s particular interest, which he both practices and researches, is in creating new experiences of place. Mark also undertakes projects as a sculptor and public artist. In this role he is a three-time finalist and former winner of Sydney’s prestigious art e