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Engineering the Future | Electrifying our tomorrow


The need for energy to power our existence is increasing rapidly. But how can we do this in a way that is both efficient, and allows for environmental preservation?

Just imagine if we could convert energy efficiently from one form to another, allowing us to power everything from transport to personal medical devices.

New and exciting innovations in power conversion can make this vision a reality, enabling society to make critical advances in decarbonising the grid, electrifying transport and industrial processes, creating green hydrogen, supporting national security applications and building community energy resilience and capacity for disaster recovery.

Some of these innovations are evolutionary, and some are revolutionary. Join our panel of experts at this critical time in the conversation:


Justine Jarvinen, CEO - UNSW Energy Institute

Joining the conversation:

Grant King (HonDEng ʼ18, BE ʼ77), Chair of the Expert Panel examining low cost abatement opportunities (the King Review), former President of the Business Council of Australia, former Managing Director of Origin Energy

Professor John Fletcher, Head of Energy Systems Research Group

Ian Learmonth, CEO Clean Energy Finance Corporation

You will also have the chance to discover more about our plans for The Electrifying Lab, Australia’s first multidisciplinary ecosystem for advanced power conversion research and commercialisation. This initiative will provide a unique opportunity for governments, industry, investors, philanthropists, standards setting organisations and other research providers to join a new collaborative energy technology innovation ecosystem.

Join us as we explore a new dawn for energy.