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Learn@Lunch with Associate Professor Adriana Vergés


Seaweed have sex. They really do. And lots of it, which is fortunate when you are in the business of restoring underwater forests.

In our warming world, dense underwater seaweed forests are in decline.  Scientists at UNSW however, have a solution to re-establish this essential habitat; enabling seaweed to survive, thrive and reproduce like crazy.

Forming dense forests on shallow reefs along the coasts of Australia one type of seaweed, ‘Crayweed’ (Phyllospora comosa) provides critical food and habitat that supports hundreds of underwater species. Join Associate Professor Adriana Vergés, founder of Operation Crayweed and 2019 winner of UNSW’s Thought Leadership Prize, as she explores the ecological impacts of climate change and the conservation of the world’s algal forests and seagrass meadows.

In her talk, Associate Professor Vergés will discuss the importance of the Great Southern Reef – longer and arguably even more important than the Great Barrier Reef – and unpack the consequences of climate change induced tropicalisation in temperate waters and the complex consequences of a warming world. Check out the video below for further insight into Adriana's inspiring work on marine ecology.