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Learn@Lunch with Nigel Phair


Data security and COVID-19: How to protect yourself

At a time of high anxiety and an increasing reliance on digital technologies, data security is now front-of-mind for many Australian citizens.

With popular applications like Zoom and Houseparty recently reporting security breaches, and even the government’s new COVIDSafe tracing app plagued by concerns of privacy and efficacy, many Australians are experiencing great uncertainty around productivity and safety in an increasingly digital landscape.

At our first (and ironically) digital Learn@Lunch presentation, Nigel Phair, Director of UNSW Canberra Cyber will discuss the key issues surrounding COVIDSafe and other core applications. A foremost cyber security expert working at the intersection of technology, crime and society, Nigel will unpack our rights as citizens and consumers in the digital world, and answer questions on how to keep ourselves safe online. Nigel can also be seen in the media providing regular expert commentary on all things cyber security, including a recent interview on hoax text messages claiming to be from COVIDSafe.

We hope you can join us for our first virtual Learn@Lunch event.