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Learn@Lunch with Professor Cameron Holley


For the last Learn@Lunch of 2020, we invite you to join Environmental Law Professor, Cameron Holley, as he discusses the need for law reform to help save the planet.

Large pressures have been placed on the individual to avoid an environmental catastrophe. We’re urged to reduce our waste and water usage, consider our carbon footprint, think about what we eat and from whom we buy our clothes. While many of us continue to do what we can to preserve our planet, some industries are also making changes to their business practices. 

An empirical researcher, Professor Holley studies various environmental challenges around biodiversity, water use, energy and climate change issues. In his talk, Professor Holley will unpack his most recent work on water compliance and theft, as well as work from UNSW Law colleagues on law reform for oceans and coasts, energy, sustainable cities and nature rights.

Laws and regulations are vital tools in protecting earthlings and the sustainability of the planet, we hope you can join us for what is sure to be an enlightening wrap-up of this year’s Learn@Lunch series.