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Engineering ethics in the age of digital advancement


The future of multiple industries are being impacted through the advancement of digitisation and AI.

Our Civil Engineering industry is no different and the future holds significant change and opportunity as technology plays an ever increasing role in our work. This advancement also brings up the question of ethics as we are asked to help shape this new future.

What will this technology look like? What parts of our jobs do we anticipate for it to play a part? How do we ethically build a model that works at all levels and inspires trust both within yourself and with the community that we work with? And the biggest question of all, how do we become greater ethical engineers ourselves?

Tune into a one-hour panel discussion and live Q&A with industry experts on the importance of ethics in engineering in the age of digital advancement.

Panel speakers:

  • Moderator: Matt Press - Director, Construct NSW
  • Michael Dakhoul - Managing Director, Construction Consultants
  • Agi Sterling - Principal, Sterling Architects
  • Travis Waller - Professor and Head of School, UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering