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Bite-sized lectures for lifelong learning

With UNSW Sydney, learning doesn’t stop at graduation.

Learn@Lunch is a fast, easy-to-digest, one-hour session that offers alumni the exclusive opportunity to foster lifelong learning.


Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW, former women’s cancer surgeon and world-renowned ovarian cancer researcher, will share his insights into screening and prevention of cancers of the cervix and ovary. He will talk about his own 30 years of research devoted to early detection of ovarian cancer and his hopes for its final findings. His talk will also cover his women’s initiative in Uganda where poverty and the aftermath of civil war had relegated women’s health to the bottom of the list of priorities, allowing the preventable cancer of the cervix to take the lives of too many women.


At our next virtual Learn@Lunch, leading designer and UNSW Art & Design lecturer, Dr Trent Jansen, will explore his unique approach to conceptual design, known in his studio as Design Anthropology. Through his work, Dr Jansen collaborates with people across different cultures to embody their values, ideas and attitudes in single artefacts.

Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum’s research over the past decade has confirmed a simple, yet powerful fact - when we move, we feel better. In September’s Learn@Lunch webinar, Simon will explore the relationship between physical exercise and mental health.


At our next virtual Learn@Lunch, chemical engineer and 2019 NSW Scientist of the Year, Scientia Professor Rose Amal AC, will explore the great challenge that is finding a reliable, affordable, and sustainable way to store and later distribute, excess solar energy.

For the last Learn@Lunch of 2020, we invite you to join Environmental Law Professor, Cameron Holley, as he discusses the need for law reform to help save the planet. 

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