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Singapore Advisory Council

The Singapore Advisory Council, as part of the International Boards and Councils of UNSW Sydney, is committed to advancing UNSW’s efforts in Singapore by serving as generous supporters, knowledgeable ambassadors, and thoughtful connectors. Council members are leaders in their respective fields who seek to help advance UNSW’s mission of providing academic excellence, social engagement and global impact. 

Singapore Advisory Council members

Dr Thai-Ker LIU 

Dato Elaine TEH 

Dr Kok Tong HO 

Mr Tong Yuen NGIAM 

Mr Dorjee SUN 

Dr Fong Fui WONG 

Mr Robert YAP 

Please see a brief bio of each of the Singapore Advisory Council members here.

If you have any questions or need further information about the Singapore Advisory Council, please contact Ashleigh Wheeler, Corporate Secretary & Governance Coordinator at