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The UK Foundation of UNSW Australia

The UK Foundation of UNSW Australia (the UK Foundation) was established as a charitable company in 2014. 
The UK Foundation is a vehicle for University outreach to alumni and prospective supporters of the work of UNSW and for alumni networking. It is uniquely positioned to raise the profile of UNSW and help advance the University’s mission of providing outstanding tertiary education, research and community engagement. The UK Foundation will coordinate a range of activities in the UK including: 

  • Hosting regular visits from UNSW personnel in the UK 
  • Helping to organize well-executed alumni events 
  • Playing an active role in supporting the cultivation and solicitation of potential donors to UNSW to support scholarships, research and campus transformation 
  • Membership, stakeholder and capacity building through program activities. 

The Trustees of UK Foundation

Mr Paul Koffel (Chair) 

Emeritus Professor Graham Davies 

Ms Laura Jordan Bambach

Mr Andrew Pearce

Ms Lindsay Robinson

Ms Melinda Roylett 

Mr Andrew Rubio 

Mr Damian Walsh

Please see a brief bio of each of the UK Foundation of UNSW Australia Directors.

If you have any questions or need further information about the UK Foundation of UNSW Australia, please contact Patrick Elliott, Corporate Secretary at