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Alumni FAQs

Alumni FAQs

The UNSW alumni community

Am I considered a UNSW alumnus?

  • The University considers you a member of the UNSW alumni community if you have completed an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate degree in full at either UNSW Sydney or UNSW Canberra. We also consider recipients of honorary degrees from UNSW to be UNSW alumni.
Alumni benefits

As a UNSW alumnus, what kind of benefits and services can I access?

  • The University is pleased to provide a range of benefits and services to our alumni community. These include access to:
    • exclusive events
    • educational resources and the UNSW Library
    • lifelong learning, including discounted professional development courses
    • the global UNSW alumni network
    • The Lounge, a brand new contemporary dining venue open exclusively to UNSW alumni.

Learn more about UNSW alumni benefits and services.

I lead a busy life and haven’t maintained much contact with UNSW since I graduated. Why should I register as an alumnus now?

  • Aside from tangible UNSW alumni benefits and services like exclusive events and mentoring, reconnecting with UNSW invites you into a professional community, provides opportunities to connect with current students, and keeps you updated on University news and achievements relevant to your field, like breakthrough research. You can choose to participate in these opportunities as and when it suits your schedule.

What are the benefits of joining a UNSW alumni mentoring platform?  

  • Joining mentoring platforms such as Alumni Connect or Mentor Connect provides you with the opportunity to expand your own network and skills, reconnect with the UNSW community, and help develop the next generation of talent. As a mentor, you can:
    • make a meaningful difference to someone else’s personal and professional growth
    • enhance your leadership and communication skills
    • reflect on your own career and personal aspirations
    • identify future talent for your organisation.

I’m interested in attending an upcoming event. Can I bring a guest who is not a UNSW alumnus?

  • UNSW alumni events vary in scale and capacity. It may be possible to bring a guest to some of our larger events, but we limit some small events to alumni. We recommend that you get in touch with us at to see if we can accommodate your request. 

I’m interested in organising a reunion with former classmates but don’t have any of their contact details. Can the UNSW Alumni Office help? 

  • Yes, the UNSW Alumni Office can help you host a reunion. We recommend that you start by reading our handy UNSW Alumni Reunion Guide. Then get in touch with us by email at to see how we can help with your reunion communications.
Technical help

How can I sign up for a UNSW alumni account?

I have a UNSW alumni account, so why can’t I access the benefits and services?

  • Once you have signed up for a UNSW alumni account, it can take up to five business days to link your details to our database. This might take longer if your registration coincided with a public holiday or weekend, or during a University shutdown periods.
  • To reduce your wait time, please ensure you complete the online registration form with as much detail as possible, including your UNSW student ID number. If you can’t remember this, please contact the UNSW Alumni Office at

Am I eligible for a UNSW alumni account? 

  • You’re eligible for a UNSW alumni account if you completed an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate degree in full at either UNSW Sydney or UNSW Canberra, or if you have an honorary degree from the University. 

How can I access my lifelong UNSW email address?

  • The University offers a lifelong email address to all our alumni. Visit the UNSW IT website to apply.
  • If you’re accessing your lifelong UNSW email address for the first time, you’ll need to reset your Microsoft ID password on the UNSW Zmail webpage. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to add your UNSW email address to any email platform.
  • If you encounter issues while accessing your lifelong UNSW email address, please contact UNSW IT Service Centre on +61 2 9385 1333 or


I’ve forgotten my UNSW Student ID. How can I find this information? 

  • The UNSW Alumni Office can help you with a lost or forgotten Student ID. Email

When I try to access the online eJournal databases, I’m asked to log in again on a different page where my login credentials don’t work. How can I resolve this issue?

  • We provide access to the eJournal databases through your UNSW alumni account. Once you have logged in to your account, you should have full access to all the databases.
  • If you are having any problems using any of the online databases, please email with details. We will work with you to restore your access. 

I received a call from a student asking for a donation. Was this call legitimate and is the donation process secure?

  • Yes. Each year a team of current UNSW students participate in the UNSW Impact Appeal, a telephone outreach program which aims to:
    • connect current students with alumni
    • encourage engagement with the University
    • seek support for the President & Vice-Chancellor’s Equity Scholarship and ASPIRE.
  • We process all donations securely, in compliance with the PCI DSS standard, and we manage all data in accordance with the UNSW Privacy Policy.
Academic transcripts and testamurs

How can I obtain a copy of my academic transcript and/or testamur? 

  • The University can provide alumni with copies of academic transcripts and testamurs for a small fee. To find out more or to request copies, please visit the Academic Transcripts and Testamurs page.

I’ve forgotten my UNSW Student ID. How can I find this information? 

  • The UNSW Alumni Office can help you with a lost or forgotten Student ID. Email us at

 What is your Alumni Privacy statement?

I have a question that hasn't been answered by your FAQ's, how can I get in contact?