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Giving FAQs

Giving FAQs

How can I donate to UNSW?

There are a number of ways to give, whether you are an organisation, family or individual donor. You can give via an online donation form, over the telephone +61 2 8936 4700 or by emailing

What percentage of my donation goes towards the area I want to support?

100% of your gift will go towards the area you wish to support.

I am a regular donor to UNSW, and my credit card details have changed – how can I update my credit card details?

You can telephone +61 2 8936 4700 and we will update the credit card details on your behalf.  

I have lost the receipt I received for my donation – how can I get a copy?

Call +61 2 8936 4700 or email and we will either email or post you a duplicate receipt.  

Can I include a gift to UNSW in my will?

Yes. Bequests to UNSW play a vital part in preparing future generations to take on the world and tackle some of society’s most complex challenges. For more information please contact our Future Giving team at  

When will I receive my annual tax statement?

Annual statements are sent via email by the 3rd week of July each year for donors who give on a recurring basis (e.g. monthly). If we don’t have an up-to-date email address then your tax statement will be sent by post. If you make a one-off gift, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the time of your donation.   

I have changed my address and contact details – how do I update them?

Please email or telephone +61 2 8936 4700 with your new details.  

I would like to set up a scholarship or an award – who can I talk to?

Please call +61 2 8936 4700 or email and we will ensure someone from the Philanthropy team assists you.  

A family member/friend has passed away and we would prefer people attending the funeral donate to particular research or a scholarship at UNSW in lieu of flowers.

Please contact +61 2 8936 4700 and someone on the Philanthropy team will assist you.  

I/my company have been donating to prizes for a while, but I have some great ideas about how else we could collaborate. Who should I speak to?

Please call +61 2 8936 4700 or email and we will ensure someone from the Philanthropy team assists you.  

Are there ways I can support UNSW that are not financial?

Yes, UNSW has a range of volunteering and engagement opportunities for you to support through giving your time and expertise. Please contact us at to talk more about this. 

Can I give anonymously?

Yes you can. When you make your gift, you can request that information about the gift remain anonymous and we will update our records so that your name is not mentioned publicly. You can do this by emailing us at or by ticking the box on the giving pages on our website.

Can I donate shares?

Yes you can. The shares must be in a listed public company and quoted on the Australian securities exchange (shares must not be suspended from trading or removed from the Australian securities exchange list). Please seek advice from a licensed financial adviser and/or tax adviser who is a registered agent to discuss what’s best for you as UNSW Sydney does not provide financial advice.

Please get in touch with us if you are considering this type of gift at

Do you accept gift-in-kind donations?

Please get in touch with us if you are considering this type of gift at

I live outside of Australia, how can I give to UNSW?

If you live, or are a taxpayer in the UK, USA, or Hong Kong, please visit our dedicated giving pages for more information on directing a tax deductible gift or bequest to UNSW Sydney through our overseas foundations:

UK Giving Page

US Giving Page

Hong Kong Giving Page

If you have any questions please contact us at to discuss your particular situation.

How are gifts to the University managed?

UNSW is committed to the responsible management of the gifts we receive through the generosity of our donors. Gifts to the University are governed by the Gift Acceptance Policy and only received through the Division of Philanthropy, while all expenditure must be in line with the Business Expense Policy. All of UNSW’s policies and procedures can be found on the governance website.

Can I make a donation via bank transfer?

Yes you can, please contact and we will provide you with the necessary details. 

I received a call from a student asking for a donation. Was this call legitimate and is the donation process secure?

Yes. Each year a team of current UNSW students participate in the UNSW Impact Appeal, a telephone outreach program which aims to connect current students with alumni, encourage engagement with the University and seek support for the President & Vice-Chancellor’s Equity Scholarship and ASPIRE. All donations are processed securely in compliance with the PCI DSS standard, and all data is managed in accordance with the UNSW Privacy Policy.