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Scholarship recipient Isobel

Support our Impact Appeal

You can support disadvantaged students today through a range of equity-based causes

100% of your donation goes directly to your chosen cause

Why give to UNSW

Why give to UNSW

A world where everyone gives back. That’s our vision.

We invite you to join UNSW in the fight against COVID-19.

This is an unprecedented moment in time. UNSW is committed to finding solutions that will make a positive impact to end the crisis, and help society rebound. We hope you will join us by lending your support to this important cause and help create a better future for everyone affected by this global pandemic.

At UNSW, every dollar received as a philanthropic gift goes directly to the specific, tangible cause or project that you elect. This means that 100% of your donation is used exactly as you intend.

In response to the situation that is unfolding across the globe, UNSW has formulated a course of action and we invite you to help us make rapid progress. Your support for UNSW has never been more important. 

Right now, your generosity can make a profound difference. Together, we can help save lives. We can provide vital assistance to students in dire need. We can uncover insights that will help society recover quickly.

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