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Career Compass

Career Compass

Calling all recent graduates! Are you ready to kickstart your career with confidence? Look no further than Career Compass, your go-to toolkit for launching into the professional world.

Career Compass is all about equipping you with the essential tools you need to succeed. Through peer mentoring, free expert coaching, and inspiring insights from accomplished graduates, we'll help you navigate your career with confidence.

Ready for some inspiration? Introducing the Master Insights Series, where distinguished graduates will share their career hacks, stories and lessons learned. You'll gain invaluable wisdom and motivation as you chart your own course to success.

You can also book in video meetings with fellow graduates, who can advise you on areas such as interview preparation and job applications and give you insights into the industries you might be interested in pursuing.

But it doesn't stop there. On Career Compass you have exclusive access to UNSW’s own career coaches, who you can book meetings with at a time that suits you. With personalised guidance and tailored career planning strategies, they'll help you make smart choices and set yourself up for success.

Don't wait any longer—join Career Compass today and get ready to navigate your career with confidence and clarity. 

*Career Compass is open to all UNSW alumni who have graduated in the last two years.