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UNSW Art & Design

In today’s world of unprecedented challenges, new approaches are needed more than even before. Creativity, imagination and convention-defying mindsets are key to generating innovation solutions. Artists and designers have a significant role to play in advancing society and addressing some of today’s complex questions, from how we interact with emerging technologies through to how we represent traditional cultures to ensure they remain contemporarily relevant. 

UNSW Art & Design is recognised as one of the world’s leading art and design schools, with an outstanding record for producing critically acclaimed artists, designers and media creators. We lead Australia with a focus on media innovation and emerging technologies. We foreground experimentation and exploration, fostering collaboration across science, engineering, the humanities and social sciences. And we have a distinguished history of nurturing explorative, inventive minds to think outside the square and influence positive change through their unique perspectives and approaches. 

With an agenda for impact and a strong focus on creative practice at the intersection of art and technology, we have initiated pioneering research programs in immersive interactive environments, visualisation, robotics, art and politics, First Nations knowledge and global issues. 

Philanthropy is a critical enabler for art and design practices that challenge established ideas and forge new paradigms. Your investment can help shape a better society.