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UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra is the only national academic institution with an integrated defence focus. We excel in defence-related security and engineering research, and pride ourselves on producing top-quality research for the benefit of defence personnel, and the security of the nation.

The scope of our research is broad. We explore the impacts of climate change on human security. We investigate the next frontier of international cooperation through space exploration. We explore military ethics. And we generate and evaluate alternative governance and policy responses.

We're also engaging with the human experience of military action. Our dedicated researchers are uncovering and returning the photos, diaries and other relics of Vietnamese soldiers who remain missing in action, more than 40 years since the end of the war . And they are working with returned defence personnel to develop a better understanding of the experience of veterans.

UNSW Canberra is also home to the John Howard Prime Ministerial Library: a public archive dedicated to the career and leadership of the Honourable John Howard OM AC.

Your investment will help fund the work of UNSW Canberra, and ensure that we continue to expand our strategic knowledge, preserve our military history, and advance the welfare of both civilians and defence personnel.