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UNSW Engineering

Water scarcity. Food security. Mega-cities. Climate change. If we are to meet the challenges ahead of us, we will need innovative solutions from inventive minds.

Engineers have always tackled complex problems with creativity, critical-thinking and a heightened sense of accountability. Increasingly, they work across disciplines, collaborating on real-world solutions for the greater good.

UNSW is recognised as Australia's top engineering faculty and home to some of the world's most accomplished engineers. It's a reputation built not only on the quality of our research, but on our proven capacity to deliver viable solutions to industry.

Already, we have pioneered an invention that is transforming the way electricity is generated and used around the world. And we have been key contributors to the development of the world’s first fully implantable bionic eye system.

UNSW Engineering continues to work towards break-through discoveries in energy, health, water and civil engineering. With your support, we can speed the progress of their work, and deliver meaningful change, sooner.