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UNSW Medicine

Modern medicine has radically improved healthcare and transformed life expectancy for millions. Yet, there are are many significant global health challenges that remain to be tackled.

UNSW Medicine is committed to solving those challenges and to ensuring that ground-breaking discoveries are rapidly translated into life-changing cures, therapies and treatment strategies. And we are prioritising projects that will improve the lives of some of our most vulnerable populations including First Nations peoples; women and children; and resource-poor communities around the world.

Philanthropy has a long history of involvement with UNSW Medicine. It was instrumental to our success in developing treatments to meet the challenge of HIV, for example.

Today, we are at the brink of new breakthroughs that will revolutionise the lives of people impacted by cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases, and brain disorders. Your support will make a crucial difference, and speed the delivery of much-needed cures and therapies.