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Alcohol policy and the pandemic: reducing alcohol-related harm

Alcohol policy and the pandemic: reducing alcohol-related harm

How is COVID-19 changing Australia’s relationship with alcohol? Are the recently introduced changes to alcohol policy harming the community? This research project will seek to answer these and other pressing questions to provide insights that will inform future policy.

Alcohol consumption contributes to a wide range of social and health problems. Worldwide, more than five per cent of all deaths result from harmful use of alcohol. The recent changes in alcohol policy – including the growth in off-license purchasing – have made alcohol more accessible and may also be inadvertently increasing alcohol-related harm.

It’s essential that we gain evidence regarding the impact of changes to alcohol availability on people’s drinking behaviours to inform future alcohol policy.

The current changes to alcohol policy represent a unique and vital opportunity to obtain vital insights into alcohol purchasing and consumption under high-level restrictions.

The ultimate aim of this project is to inform the future of alcohol policy in Australia and internationally – and reduce alcohol-related harm.