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UNSW Alumni Awards Past Winners

UNSW Alumni Awards Past Winners

UNSW Alumni Award Past Winners 

We acknowledge and celebrate the tremendous achievements in our Alumni Community in art, culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, research, and social impact making a profound impact here and around the globe.

You can find out more about the nomination process for this year here.

2022 Alumni Award Winners

Research & Teaching Achievement: Professor Michelle Coote

Professor Michelle Coote is a Matthew Flinders Professor in Chemistry at Flinders University, having recently moved from the Australian National University (ANU). 

She is a graduate of the UNSW Sydney, where she completed a BSc(Hons) in industrial chemistry in 1995 and a PhD in polymer chemistry in 2000. Following postdoctoral fellowships in polymer physics at the University of Durham, UK, and computational chemistry, at the ANU, she established her own research group at the ANU in 2004. 

Professional Achievement: Gabby Costigan MBE

Gabby Costigan is Group Managing Director, Business Development for BAE Systems., and a passionate advocate for championing women in defence and women in STEM across Australia.

After graduating with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering Gabby joined the Australian Army, eventually retiring as a Colonel after a distinguished career that included operational experience commanding logistic operations for both Australian and US deployed military forces. 

Art & Culture: Patricia Adjei

Patricia Adjei is a Wuthathi, Mabuiag Islander and Ghanaian woman and arts and ICIP advocate from Warrane/Sydney. 

Patricia holds a B.Arts and Law from UNSW Sydney and is the Head of First Nations Arts and Culture at the Australia Council for the Arts. Patricia has worked on developing the Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts.

Social Impact & Service: Simone Abel

Simone Abel was Capital Punishment Justice Project’s Chief Executive Officer (‘CPJP’, formerly Reprieve Australia) since 2020. 

Simone joined CPJP in 2020, having previously been a Director of Reprieve UK for seven years. In this time, Simone helped professionalise and grow Reprieve. Her focus has been on strategy, policy and governance of organisations that seek accountability of governments for extreme rights abuses, including the death penalty. 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Dr Aengus Tran

Dr Aengus Tran is the cofounder and CEO of, a Sydney med-tech company that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to build powerful tools for clinicians that help scale the global capacity of healthcare.

Aengus trained as a medical doctor at UNSW Sydney. At the same time, he is also a skilled AI engineer with a deep passion for applying the latest advancement in technology to save lives. 

Young Alumni: Dr Mayooran Namasivayam

Dr. Mayooran Namasivayam is a staff specialist cardiologist and cardiac imaging specialist at the St. Vincent’s Hospital Campus, Sydney. He is the Associate Director of Echocardiography at St. Vincent’s Hospital. 

Mayooran is actively involved in the structural heart interventional program as an interventional echocardiography specialist and has performed over 1000 transoesophageal echocardiography procedures.

Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement: Dr Robyn Denholm

Robyn Denholm is a leading global technology executive. She is Chair of the Board of Directors of Tesla Inc., Operating Partner of Blackbird Ventures and Chair of The Technology Council of Australia. 

Robyn joined the Tesla Board in 2014 as an Independent Director and Chair of the Audit Committee. She was appointed to serve as Independent Chair of the Board of Directors in November 2018 and re-elected as Chair in 2020. Robyn joined Blackbird Ventures as an Operating Partner in January 2021, in this role she works with the founders of later stage technology companies to help them scale and succeed. 

In addition, Robyn is actively stewarding the Australian technology sector as Chair of The Australian Tech Council, which was launched in 2021, with an ambition to get 1.2 million people into Australian tech jobs by 2030.

2021 Alumni Award Winners

Research & Teaching Achievement: Professor Nick Talley AC 

Laureate Professor Nick Talley is an expert clinician, educator and researcher, with extensive experience as a leader in the medical and university sectors. Professor Talley completed a Bachelor of ‪Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with UNSW in 1979.  A neurogastroenterologist, Professor Talley has published over 1000 papers in the peer-reviewed literature and is considered one of the world’s most influential clinician-researchers.

Professional Achievement: Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC (Retd)

Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC  (Retd) is a Chair, Non-Executive Director and Strategic Adviser and in 2021 was recognised as an outstanding Defence Ambassador for the Australian Capital Territory.  Following 30 years of dedicated service, Alison retired from the Australian Regular Army in March 2015. Over her career, Alison planned and supported numerous operations in Australia and overseas, including deployments to Cambodia, East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Art, Design & Culture: Khadim Ali

Khadim Ali is a Pakistani Asian Modern & Contemporary artist whose work has featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Khadim studied miniature painting at the National College of Arts, Lahor, calligraphy at Tehran University, Iran and completed a Master of Fine Art at UNSW Art & Design in 2015.

As a child, Khadim was deeply influenced by his grandfather, a Shanamah singer, and by the miniature paintings that illustrated the stories of the Shanamah, a tenth-century epic poem. Khadim’s intricate works encompass imagery from history, politics, literature, poetry and mythology to explore contemporary events such as the civil war in Afghanistan and personal experiences of persecution, displacement and discrimination.

Social Impact & Service: Dr Cassandra Goldie

Cassandra Goldie is CEO of ACOSS, the peak body for the community sector, and Adjunct Professor at UNSW Sydney. With public policy expertise in economic and social issues, civil society, social justice and human rights, Cassandra has represented the interests of people who are disadvantaged in national and international processes, as well as in grassroots communities. Prior to joining ACOSS, Cassandra held senior roles with the Australian Human Rights Commission, Darwin Community Legal Service and Legal Aid in Western Australia. 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Robert Hango-Zada & William On

Rob Hango-Zada is the Co-Founder & Joint CEO of APAC’s fast-growing shipping platform, Shippit. He brings a common-sense & customer-centric approach to Australian retailing. Having spent a decade working for the world’s leading FMCG businesses (Procter & Gamble, Unilever) across Asia, Rob has vast experience in converting customer insight and analytics into growth driving strategies for retailers such as Woolworths, Coles, Tesco & Priceline and numerous global brands. Rob’s frustration as an online shopper drove him to co-found Shippit with William On to enhance the post-purchase experience from cart to doorstep and back again. Shippit now powers delivery for leading retailers such as General Pants, Cue Clothing, Sephora, The Athlete’s Foot and more. Outside of work, Rob is a big fan of bold red wine, fancy socks and good design.

Will On is Co-Founder and CEO of Shippit, APAC’s fast-growing shipping technology company founded in Australia. Hailing from management consultancies Deloitte and PWC, Will spearheaded the platform’s 300% year-on-year growth across Australia and New Zealand and now oversees Shippit’s expansion into South East Asia. Shippit currently handles over 50 million shipments annually, looking after some of the world’s largest retailers such as Sephora, UNIQLO, Cotton On and Harvey Norman. In his spare time Will plays competitive basketball, enjoys a run and a glass of red!

Rob & Will were both UNSW Co-op scholars, graduating from BSc BIT (Business Information Technology) with 1st Class Honours. Learn more about the UNSW Co-op program here. 

Young Alumni: Jessie Tu

Jessie Tu trained as a classical violinist for more than 15 years and undertook a B.Music/B.Music Education at UNSW. She is the emerging book critic at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and a journalist and cultural editor at Women's Agenda. Her work has been published in The Guardian, L.A Review of Books and South China Morning Post. Jessie has won several poetry and writing awards and her first book of poetry, You Should Have Told Me We Have Nothing Left was released in 2018. A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing is her first novel.

Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement: Dr Philip Lowe

Philip Lowe is Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Mr Lowe holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.Comm (Honours) in Economics/Econometrics from the University of New South Wales. He has authored numerous papers, including on the linkages between monetary policy and financial stability. He commenced as Governor on 18 September 2016.

2020 Alumni Award Winners

Research Achievement: Professor Tamara Davis AM BSc/BA ’99, PhD (Physics) ’04 

Tamara Davis is a cosmologist working as a Professor and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow at the University of Queensland. Her research explores new fundamental physics, particularly the properties of dark energy and dark matter. Her work and insights are significantly advancing our understanding of the universe, helping us better understand the fundamental laws of nature. 

Professional Achievement: The Honourable David Dak Wah Wong BCom ’76, LLB ‘77

David Wong is the recently retired Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak, High Court of Sabah, Malaysia. In holding this esteemed position since 2018, David is the first UNSW Law alumnus in history to be appointed to the apex court of a nation, representing extraordinary recognition of standing, experience, and legal skills.

Art & Culture: Lynette Wallworth DipArt ’81, BAVA (Conv) ’85 

Lynette Wallworth is an acclaimed Australian artist and film maker, an Emmy and AACTA award-winning director, and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of virtual reality (VR). Her artwork and films, which reflect on the connections between people and the natural world, have resonated with audiences in Australia and beyond.

Social Impact & Service: Dr Terri Janke BA LLB ’95 

Terri Janke is a proud Wuthathi and Meriam woman and Indigenous lawyer, who is considered a leading international authority on Indigenous cultural and intellectual property. Throughout her 24 years as a lawyer, Terri’s mission has been to further Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment, and she is known for her innovation in establishing productive new business pathways between the non-Indigenous business sector and Indigenous people. 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Moses Lo BCom ‘10

Moses is the founder and CEO of Xendit, a payments infrastructure business in Southeast Asia. He founded the company in 2015 and has since built it into what is now one of the fastest growing payment companies in the world.

Young Alumni: Teela May Reid JD ’16 

Teela Reid is an activist, lawyer, and proud Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman from Gilgandra in Western NSW. She is currently a criminal defence lawyer at Legal Aid NSW and a passionate advocate for abolishing systemic racism in the criminal justice process and the Australian Constitution.

Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement: Dr Kerry Chant PSM
MB BS ’87, MHA ’91, MPH ’95 

Dr Kerry Chant is the Chief Health Officer and Deputy Secretary, Population and Public Health, NSW Health. Kerry has extensive public health experience in New South Wales, having held a range of senior positions in NSW Health since 1991. She currently leads the Population and Public Health Division, which has accountabilities for a broad portfolio of issues including communicable disease control, prevention of chronic diseases, drug and alcohol, research translation, and health system response to acute and emerging clinical issues.

2019 Alumni Award Winners

Social Impact & Public Policy: Dr Simon Adams, BA 1994, PhD (History) 1998

Dr Simon Adams works with governments and the United Nations to advocate for the prevention of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. A passionate human rights advocate, Simon is Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, established in 2008 with the support of the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Refugees International, Oxfam and Human Rights Watch. The Centre is the world’s leading organisation for advancing the international norm of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) at the UN and beyond. 

Science & Technology: Dr Edith Chow, BSc 2002, PhD (Chemistry) 2006

Dr Edith Chow is spearheading innovative chemical sensing technologies that have the potential to revolutionise how we monitor pollutants and diagnose disease. Combining her expertise in chemistry and nanotechnology, Edith’s work at CSIRO has seen her invent a number of breakthrough sensing technologies designed to be portable, affordable and simple to use.

Young Alumni: Associate Professor Eric Chow, MPH 2012, PhD (Medicine) 2014

Associate Professor Eric Chow’s scientific discoveries in the field of sexual health are radically improving how the medical community manages and treats sexually transmissible infections. Combining his expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics, Eric’s outstanding research in the sexual health field has identified that saliva can carry infectious gonorrhoea, and kissing may be a risk factor for pharyngeal gonorrhoea.

Engineering: Professor Fariba Dehghani, PhD (Chemical Eng) 1997

Professor Fariba Dehghani’s ground-breaking research reduces food waste and creates new health technologies, with benefits ranging from improved nutrition to cancer prevention. Fariba’s expertise in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine sees her extract active compounds from natural sources to create innovative new products.

Medicine & Health: Associate Professor Kelvin Kong, BSc (Med) MB BS 1999

As Australia’s first Aboriginal surgeon, Associate Professor Kelvin Kong has tirelessly devoted his expertise to improving access to healthcare for the Australian community, particularly Australia’s Aboriginal communities, breaking cycles of disadvantage for Indigenous children. 

Design & Architecture: Ms Jacinta McCann, BLArch (Built Environment) 1981

Art & Culture: Mr Khaled Sabsabi, MArt (Art & Design) 2004

Student Volunteer: Mr Brody Smith, Mechatronics/Biomedical (Built Environment), Current student

Student Volunteer: Mr Ke Sun, BMed/MD (Medicine), Current student

Sports & Sports Administration: Miss Prue Watt OAM, BSc Sports & Sports Administration 2017

Business: Dr Jennifer Westacott AO, BA (Business) 1982

Chancellor's Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement: Ms Rebel Wilson, BA (Law and Arts) 2009

Engineering: Professor Yang Qixun, PhD (Electrical Engineering) 1982


2018 Alumni Award Winners

Art & Culture: Laura Jordan-Bambach, BFA 1996

An innovative digital designer and one of the world’ few female Chief Creative Officers, Laura has received much global recognition for her contributions to the creative industries, and in particular for her efforts championing diversity in the arts, having co-founded influential initiatives in support of women in creative space, including SheSays and the Great British Diversity Experiment.

Business: Paul Clitheroe AM, BA 1984

Paul has played a highly influential role on the financial literacy of Australians. Known as a ‘money guru’, he regularly provides financial advice through a range of publications and media appearances. In addition to his commercial success, Paul is Chairman to a number of financial organisations, including the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board. His charity, the Clitheroe Foundation, has distributed more than $2 million in grants and scholarships.

Design & Architecture: Dr Lucy Turnbull AO, MBA 1985, HonDBus 2012

Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, and previously the first female Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, Lucy a leading businesswoman with longstanding achievements in cities, technological and social innovation. She was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Business by UNSW in 2012, and established The Turnbull Foundation Women in Built Environment Scholarship, supporting women to join the built environment industry.

Engineering: Professor Elizabeth Taylor AO, BE 1978

Elizabeth is a celebrated ‘humanitarian engineer’ whose work has spanned design and construction, academia and volunteering. Through her work with Engineers Australia she has spearheaded many progressive initiatives in support of women in engineering, as well as ethical reviews. As Chair of the Cambodian Children’s Trust Australia and RedR she has facilitated the volunteer of experts into disaster zones to help relieve suffering.

Medicine & Health: Dr Thomas Borody, BSc (Med) 1972, MB BS 1975, MD 1984

As Director of Sydney’s Centre for Digestive Diseases, Tom has championed faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for 25 years. Through his pioneering work manipulating the bacteria that live in the human gut, Tom has made huge strides in establishing new treatments for Crohn's disease, colitis, auto immune-diseases and neurological conditions, while reportedly preventing 18,655 premature deaths, and saving $10.03 billion in health costs in Australia alone.

Science & Technology: Saul Griffith, BMetE 1997

Saul is a multi-award winning inventor with an open approach to problem solving. Through successful startups he has invented a myriad of new devices and materials, such as a “smart” rope that senses its load, or a machine for making low-cost eyeglass lenses through a process inspired by a water droplet. His work supporting other innovative minds includes establishing, and co-authoring children’s comic books about building your own gadgets.

Social Impact & Public Policy: Henry Pan OAM, BE 1974

Henry is the celebrated founder of CASS, a thriving community organisation for Sydney and Wollongong that offers services and support for people with culturally diverse backgrounds. Having worked in his native Singapore as well as in Australia, he has extensive professional experience in business and project management, and with Henry’s dedication and vision, today more than 2,400 families engage with CASS each week.

Sports & Sports Administration: Moya Dodd, MBA (Exec) 1997

Moya is a leading legal professional and celebrated champion for women’s sport. She is a Partner at Gilbert+Tobin Lawyers, and a former Vice-Captain of Australian women’s soccer team, the Matildas. Moya has been hailed as “one of the most credible and outspoken voices for change” during her time as Chair for FIFA’s Women’s Football Task Force. She was also named the seventh most powerful woman in international sport (outside the US), by Forbes Magazine.

Young Alumni: Ashik Mohamed Asafali, PhD Sci 2017

Though still quite young, Ashik has become a leading authority on Ophthalmic Biophysics, working with the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. He has a decade of experience in basic, clinical and translational research in ophthalmology and vision sciences, working with institutes and specialists around the world to find innovative ways to restore vision. Ashik has received several awards for his research on a national and international scale.

Student Volunteer: Lokesh Sharma (fourth year medical student)

A humanitarian and student mentor, Lokesh was recognised for his committed and altruistic work as Co-Chair of the Medical Students’ Aid Project (MSAP), the global health group of the UNSW Medical Society. Lokesh led MSAP’s Gandhi Girls Project to construct 12 new toilets at a girls’ boarding school in rural India, as well as working closely on other international projects as MSAP Treasurer in 2015 and 2016.

Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement: Gladys Berejiklian, MCom 2001

This year saw the inaugural presentation of the Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement. This was granted to current NSW Premier, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Gladys has received national prominence for her work in banking and public service. As the 45th Premier of NSW, Gladys has shown passion, commitment and resilience.

2017 Alumni Award Winners

Arts & Culture

Ms Hetti Perkins

Business & Innovation

Ms Shemara Wikramanayake

Design, Engineering & Sustainability

Professor Kenneth Maher
BArch’70 MArch’74 GradDip’76

Medicine & Health

Dr Graeme Clugston AO
MB BS’72

Science & Technology

Professor Frances Separovic

Social Impact & Public Policy

Ms Elca Grobler

Sports & Sports Administration

Ms Turia Pitt

Young Alumni

Mr John Bale
BA’04 BA (Hons)’06 MA’09 MMgtStud’11

Ms Caitlin Barrett
BInSt’12 MDS’15 

Student Volunteer

Ms Beryl Lin

2016 Alumni Award Winners

Arts and Culture

Mr Shaun E Gladwell (MFA'05)

Mr John M Green (LLB'77)

Mrs Jenny Green (BSc'76)

Business and Innovation 

Mr Robert Cameron (BE'74)

Design, Engineering and Sustainability

Dr Peter Cousins (BE'01 PhD'05)

Medicine and Health

Adjunct Professor Betty Kitchener (BA'79)

Social Impact and Public Policy

Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn (BA'95)

Science and Technology

Professor Margaret Sheil (BSc'84 PhD'88)

Sport and Sport Administration

Mr Usman Khawaja (BAv'09)

International Alumni Volunteer 

Dr Eddy Sariaatmadja (BE'79 MEngSc'81 HonDUni'14)

Young Alumni 

Mr Tim Fung (BCom'06)
Mr Jonathan Lui (BE'06)

Young Student Volunteer 

Mr George Pasas (Commerce/Law)

2015 Alumni Award Winners

Melissa W Chiu

Jacqueline M Thomas

Corrin Varady

Alexandra J Blackwell

Mahalingam Sinnathamby

Luca A Belgiorno-Nettis

Bronwyn M Gould

Glenn Keys

James H Nguyen

Peter R Hearl

Robert S Dwyer


2014 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Aihua Wang PhD'93

Dr Daniel Petre AO BSc'81 HonDBus'13

Ms Del Kathryn Barton BFA'94

Scientia Professor Deo-Karan Prasad AO MArch’88 MSc(Building)’90 PhD’93

Mr Jeremy Balkin BCom’05

Dr Jianhua Zhao PhD'90

Margaret O'Neill BOptom Hons'91

2013 Alumni Award Winners

General David Hurley AC DSC BA (Mil) '75

Mr Wong Fong Fui BE '69 

Mr Michael Cannon-Brookes BSc '02

Mr Peter Mattick BCom '75

Ms Rachel Davis LLB '03 BA '03

Professor Richard Johnson AO BArch '69 

Dr Robert Care AM  BE '73 PhD '78

Dr Robert Maple-Brown AO BCom '65 HonDBus '08

Mr Scott Farquhar BSc '03

Professor Terence Campbell AM BSc (Med) '72 MBBS '75 MD '91

2012 Alumni Award Winners

No awards presented

2011 Alumni Award Winners

Adam M Brimo

Andrew Haesler

Charles Teo

Glenn Murcutt

Nicholas Moore

Rachel C Smith


2010 Alumni Award Winners

Catherine M Harris

Christopher G Roberts

Janet Laurence

Rebecca J Zaman

Rebecca R Barnes

Stuart R Wenham

Leigh M Dunlop

2009 Alumni Award Winners

Caitlin R Orr

Guido J Belgiorno-Nettis

Kathryn T Greiner

Kirstin A Hunter

Liane A Rossler

Louise Olsen

Ran Tao

Robert L Every

Stephen B Ormandy

2008 Alumni Award Winners

Angela M Barrett

Angela T Titmuss

Victoria A Tan

2007 Alumni Award Winners

David P Hume

Eunice Y Liu

Jeffery W Forrest

Michael K Thornell

Michael Carr-Gregg

Juliet Bourke

Paul Cave

Zhengrong Shi

2006 Alumni Award Winners

Danny Yap

Frances C Foster-Thorpe

Alan O Trounson

Dagmar B Schmidmaier

Peter C Farrell

Simon J Rice

2005 Alumni Award Winners

Dr John Prescott AC BCom '62 HonDSc '95

Ms Jillian Segal AM BA '77 LLB '79

Professor Susan Hayes AO BA '68 PhD '74

Scientia Professor Gordon Parker AO MD '78 PhD '83 DSc '97

David A Hughes

2004 Alumni Award Winners

David H Trinh

Dean Kelly

John S Vedelago

Shaun C Chau

Vanessa Y Mak

Jimmy J Koh

Douglas Daft

Sharan L Burrow

Steven Krilis

Wallace M King

2003 Alumni Award Winners

Ms Vivi Koutsounadis-Germanos OAM BA '69 DipPsychol '71

Mr David Gonski AC BCom '76 LLB '77

Professor Levon Khachigian BSc '86 PhD '93 DSc '04

Professor Janette Brand-Miller AM BSc '75 PhD '79

Professor Robyn Ward AM MBBS '84 PhD '94

Mr Dallas Clarke BSc '03 LLB '03

Lisa J Renkin

Natalie S Kalfus

2002 Alumni Award Winners

Ek-Khai Tan

Gregory J Fox

Mia L Sturrock

Rosalind J Dixon

John R Niland

2001 Alumni Award Winners

Reverend Bill Crews AM JP BE '68

Ms Brenda L Croft MArtAdmin '95

Dr Tim Flannery PhD '85

Dato David Koh BSc '72

Bassina Farbenblum

Elizabeth J Floyd

Peter C Alexander

Soji Swaraj

2000 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Stuart Hornery AO BSc (Tech) '64

Dr George Miller AO MBBS '71 HonDLitt '99

Dr Colin Ward BSc '65 PhD '68

Mr Neville Whiffen OAM MSc '56

Ms Eva Cox AO BA '75

David M Eyers

1999 Alumni Award Winners

The Honourable Robert (Bob) Carr MP BA '69

Mr Neil (Nobby) Clark AO BCom '73

Professor The Honourable Justice Annabelle Bennett LLB '80

Mr Mark Rayner BSc '61

Professor George Paxinos AO DSc '94

Professor Bettina Cass AO BA '72 PhD '84

Professor Lynner Billard BSc '66 PhD '69

Holly C Gerard

John C Lee

Michael D Campion

Sai Y Yeung

Tamara J Mackean

1998 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Doreen Clark AM PhD '65

Mr Robert Fitzgerald AM BCom '77 LLB '79

Dr Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom BEng '72 PhD '76

Mr John Uhrig AC BSc '58

Mr Alex Buzo BA '66

1997 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Donald McDonald AO BCom '61

Ms Gai Waterhouse BA '75

Mr Geoffrey Lawson OAM BOptom '84

Dr Ian Lowe AO BSc (Hons) '67

1996 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Mah Bow Tan BEng '71 MEng '73

Mr Jeremy Philips BA LLB '95

Mr Gary Proctor GradDip '82 GradDipProfArtStudies '89 MFA '94

Mr Noel Slarke MSc '76

Mr Mark Taylor AO BSurv '88

Ms Claire Williams BA '92

Ms Joachim Delaney BA LLB '95

Mr Benjamin Zipser BCom LLB '92

Allan J Birimac

1995 Alumni Award Winners

Mr George William Hanna BBuild (Hons) '63

Professor Clifford Frederick Hughes AO MBBS '69

Mr Phillip Christian Hercus AO BSc (Tech) '68

Ms Rosemary Jane Kayess BSoSc '93

Dr Ronald Lu BArch '70

Mr Gary Milton Pemberton AC BSc '61

1994 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Rodney Adler AM BCom '81

Professor Henry Brodaty AO MD '85

Mr George Comino OAM BSc '65 MEd '74

Emeritus Professor Ross Griffith BSc '61

Professor Trang Thomas AM BA (Hons) '69

Paul A Hogan

Quang-Phu Ho

Rebecca Peters

1993 Alumni Award Winners

Professor John J Bosco MBBS '70

Mr Jimmy C S Lim BArch '69

Larissa J Behrendt

Rebecca E Scott

1992 Alumni Award Winners

No awards presented

1991 Alumni Award Winners

Associate Professor Veronica James OAM PhD '71

Dr Liu Thai Ker BArch '63

Mr Warwick Love BCom LLB '88 (posthumous)

Mr Emery Schubert BE '88

Mr Heinz Richard Harant BE '55

Lawrence Hyde

Richard L Pulley

1990 Alumni Award Winners

His Honour Judge Robert Bellear BJuris LLB '79

Mr Jeremy Wright BE '74 MBA '77

Mr Simon Poidevin OAM BSc (Hons) '83

Paul Nicolaou

1989 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Peter Garret AM LLB '77

Mr Peter Ritchie AO BCom '66

Anthony A Mealor

Sally A Mackinnon

1988 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Kevin James Rice BArch '55 MBA '76

Peter A Lynch

1987 Alumni Award Winners

Ms Carmel Josephine Niland AM BA '65

Mr Paul Thomas Coe BJuris '82

Paul A Elton

1986 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Rhonda Gae McIver BSc '67 PhD '72 MBA '78

Mr Henry (A.J.) Donegan MSc '55

Dr Sastrosoenarto Hartarto AO BSc '59

Bradley J Fitzmaurice

Noel A Blomeley

1983-1985 Alumni Award Winners

Lynette M Trent

Peter X Thompson

Robert Biddell

1982 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Patricia June O'Shane AM LLB '76

Carmel V Reading

1981 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Michael Grace AM BCom '64

Emertius Professor Ronald Werner AM BSc '52 MSc '53 PhD '58

Guy B Marks

1980 Alumni Award Winners

No awards presented

1979 Alumni Award Winners

Ms Patricia Boero BA '79

1978 Alumni Award Winners

Dr John Vinen MBBS '78 MHP '89

1977 Alumni Award Winners

Ms Susan Churchman LLB '77

Mr Tjerk Dusseldorp LLB '77

Dr Glenden Maberly BSc(Med) '75 MD '84

1976 Alumni Award Winners

No awards presented

1975 Alumni Award Winners

Ms Margaret Fischer BA '74 DipEd '75

Professor Phillip Morris BSc(Med) '73 MBBS '75

1974 Alumni Award Winners

Rabbi Dr Jeffrey Cohen BCom '73

Dr Peter Reynolds OAM BArch '69 PhD '74

1973 Alumni Award Winners

Dr Rajanishwar Gyaneshwar MBBS '73

Mr Peter Harley BCom '73

1972 Alumni Award Winners

Mr Robert Hay MSc '72

Ms Judith Miller BA '71 DipEd '72

Mr Patrick Wilson BA '72