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“The mark of a good leader is to be curious.” UNSW graduate reflects on how Learn to Lead has positively impacted his career.


In an era where adaptable leadership skills are in high demand, UNSW's course, Learn to Lead (L2L), has emerged as a catalyst for professional growth, helping graduates enhance their leadership abilities and navigate dynamic work environments.

UNSW graduate Daryl Chui (BE '00, MTM '02), a financial IT risk professional and three-time participant in the program, attests to the transformative impact of Learn to Lead on his career trajectory. 

“Learn to Lead has given me a framework to tackle contemporary challenges and has encouraged me to explore new concepts and initiate tough conversations with colleagues and managers,” says Chui. Chui emphasised that L2L empowered him with the softer skills crucial for effective leadership.  

“I look forward to the course every year,” says Chui. And he’s not alone. This year over 4,200 alumni, staff and students enrolled in the course and rated it an overall 8.2 out of 10.

Reflecting on this year's program theme of "leading the future," Chui identified the rise of generative AI as a pivotal challenge for leaders. He emphasised the importance of embracing technology and dispelling fear through awareness and experimentation. 

“The mark of a good leader is to be curious, not scared,” says Chui. Leaders, according to Chui, must possess a forward-looking vision, understand the potential of emerging technologies, and ensure their safe and ethical implementation within their organisations. 

“One aspect of Learn to Lead that resonated deeply with me was the emphasis on responsible technology usage in the workplace,” says Chui. Chui firmly believes that employees armed with this knowledge become invaluable assets to their organisations by fostering responsible technology integration. 

When asked about his initial motivation for enrolling in L2L, Chui shared that the program was flexible and time-efficient, “being a busy professional, the online nature of the course lets me learn at my own pace,” says Chui, “the video modules and engaging quizzes really helped me absorb the information in a way I wouldn’t normally be able to.” 

Acquiring externally recognised badges year after year through L2L also allows both Chui and his managers to track his progress and expertise and has enabled Chui to lean on external credentialing to advance career development conversations at work. 

Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, Chui expressed his commitment to continue implementing the learnings from Learn to Lead in his workplace. And he’s not the only one, 95% of respondents thought that the course has enriched their understanding of how to lead effectively in a high-tech landscape and 86% rated the course excellent or good in terms of relevance to their current work.  

Here is what some other learners had to say about the program this year. 

“I felt empowered and allowed to be a curious individual,” says Engineering graduate Michiyo.                      

“What these courses are really helping me with is staying relevant after working in my industry for over 20 years and almost 30 years out of university,” says Science graduate Monica. 

As the world progresses, Learn to Lead will continue to equip UNSW graduates with the skills they need to tackle future leadership challenges head-on. 

If you’re a UNSW graduate and interested in enrolling in next year’s Learn to Lead program, make sure your details are up to date so you don’t miss out on this, and other exclusive alumni benefits.