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UNSW Alumni Connect



Across our diverse and far-reaching global alumni community, we know there is a shared interest in mentoring and professional development. We have packaged both into one online destination – UNSW Alumni Connect.

Hosted on the alumni-founded 1:1 video mentoring platform, Kintell, Alumni Connect is a digital hub dedicated to your personal and professional development. 

By joining this UNSW exclusive group and setting up your profile, you will be able to seamlessly network, connect and tap into the expertise of your fellow alumni from around the world. The integrated user experience, with an in-built booking function and high-quality video conferencing technology, means you never need to leave the platform. Connecting with your peers has never been so easy! 

In addition, you will receive updates on the latest career focused events and programs coming out of the University.

Start your new Alumni Connect journey today and get ready to NETWORK. LEARN. THRIVE. 

It was great chatting to Tessa! She gave me some practical strategic marketing tips and general career advice. I found it really helpful.

Emily, March 2021